17 February 2009

National September 11 Memorial and Museum Tribute

I don't know how many times Beverly would say, "I'm just not a writer." And every time I read one of her eloquent speeches or letters or recollections, I would tell her, "yes, you are."

The National September 11 Memorial and Museum has a page paying tribute to Beverly, and it contains an eloquent piece Beverly had written in July 2006 about her love for Sean, and that final call. It reads like a loving and poetic prayer.  
He was calm, so she didn't cry. He told her to give his love to his family. They spoke of their life together, all the happiness they'd shared. Over and over, he whispered that he loved her. They tried to live the rest of their lives in the few seconds they had left. Tried to make time stand still. Then, through the phone, she heard the tower begin its collapse.

Afterward, she tried not to think about what she lost - but what she'd had.
I am indebted to Jan Ramirez, Chief Curator and Director of Collections for the memorial and museum, for bringing the group's tribute to Beverly to my attention.

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